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Search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is the process of optimising and providing websites with the necessary code to rank higher in organic search returns. We provide essential advice on how to utilise your domain name for optimum search results and rankings.


If you’re looking for something on-line you will invariably open a search browser such as Google and enter the item, place, person, service, business or whatever it is your looking for into the search box. It’s not ‘Rocket Science’, luketom will give you the tools to climb up the search engine rankings.


…it’s not ‘rocket science’..!

google optimisation

what makes a good seo campaign?

An essential part of SEO (search engine optimisation) is identifying the search phrases and keywords you wish to target for your campaigns. The most relevant keywords used in search engines should be identified for all your products or services. Website optimisation involves tweaking the code and ensuring keywords are relevant and in the right place to improve your website Google rankings.


Other factors which can impact SEO are mobile responsiveness and traffic from vibrant social media activities all of which prove your site is alive and kicking!

A typical SEO campaign comprises of four main areas:

• keyword research
• website optimisation
• social media traffic
• in-bound link generation

78% of web browsers only focus on organic results (not paid ads)
94% of web browsing begins with a search engine
63% of companies will spend more on SEO this year
88 billion searches per month happen on Google

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