Love them or loath them, we live in a world where mobile applications are an essential part of every day life…

there’s an app for that!

Handheld mobile phone devices and tablets are very rapidly becoming the primary device for internet browsing and shopping. Here at we are able to offer businesses and organisations the choice of either Apple or Android phone App’s, we can build in either native or hybrid platforms.


“A new report from Flurry Analytics indicates that weekly app downloads will regularly surpass two billion in 2017. Examining the holiday week ending 2016, Flurry found that over 111 million iOS and Android devices were activated, and 1.89 billion applications were downloaded. While there had been some billion download weeks since late November this is expected to become the norm for 2017.”

Source, Flurry Analytics

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when would i need an app?

Mobile phone applications or ‘Apps’ as we call them are becoming the primary method of connecting with the world, your friends, news, weather, games, banking, social media, in fact almost everything. Look around you… people are glued to their smart phones. Apps can benefit over websites in many ways…


Apps can provide immediate instant notifications, including news and messages. Apps can be globally updated ensuring your message or product is always one step ahead of your competitors. Apps can even generate income from downloads or advert campaigns.

luketom app development key points:

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  • competitive pricing on all platforms
  • complete design, build and approval process
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